Sewer Run 2

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Game Description: Here's another great flash game for all skateboarders to have fun! Unlike Sewer Run (1), here you ride your skateboard at the night. It's cool and kinda hard 3D racing game! You can generate KUDOS within the game by shooting video and photos down the run by hitting the icons and pulling off tricks. KUDOS will unlock new tricks, new clothes and boards, and better wheels to increase your chances of success no later runs. And at the end of every ride, you must drop down to the center by parachute. After this exciting skateboard competition you can always come back and ride skateboard during the day in Sewer Run game. Be successful sewer skateboarder!!

Game Controls: Use the arrow keys to navigate: left, right, speed up, slow down! Use Z-key and an arrow key once to start grab then any arrow key to release. Use X-key and an arrow key to perform a trick. For more information go and visit help at the menu of the game.

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